HOSPITALITY -Holistic Sport Disciplines for People With Intellectual Disabilitiy- is a project under the Erasmus + Sport Program that aims to offer people with intellectual disabilities the opportunity to participate in physical activities focused on gentle gymnastics and relaxation, supported by moments of guided meditation.

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Kick-Off Meeting

Kick-Off Meeting for Hospitality Project, online through Google MEET Platform.

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Meeting in Rijeka


Finally, on November 12th we were able to meet in attendance! It was an opportunity to talk about the objectives of the project, but also about the difficulties encountered due to the pandemic.

"The current situation and the possible tightening of anti-CoVid restrictions in Eastern Europe, but also the strict regulations imposed by the Government to work with disadvantaged people, have prompted us to propose a 6-month extension to the European Commission, so to better develop the objectives of the project” explained Roberto Rinaldi, president of MeetLab.

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